About Nana Apori Schools

In a country where there is no better alternative to education, the priority of parents becomes getting quality and effective learning institutions for their wards. It is true the world is changing; knowledge, science and technology are making the world move from its present place every second. Worthy of mention, only the people that are focused and dynamic can move with the pace the world is changing. (contact_form)

The key is information, education and opportunities, such which are only provided by standard educational institutions in the world, like Nana Apori Schools.

In view of achieving the said goals of the school, we realise the need for experienced, capable and time-tested, qualified teachers; and an enabling environment for learning. This is nothing short of what we provide for our most valued students who we believe are the leaders of tomorrow.

A visit to our school premises would convince any lover of qualitative learning. Our administrative office is always open for enquiries. Please contact us and also take a virtual tour of our facilities.






Address: Orudu Road, Via Bakare Bus Stop, Adiyan, Ogun State.


Phone: 08033049147, 08036959525, 08099901503, 08032429153, 08134476985

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